Another round up because of slack. I'll skim over the main points, with some breakout posts for particular bits coming in the near future.

  • The pub has re-opened, so getting some extra shifts in through the combination of some other staff leaving and the rest not coming back off furlough. Free money piss take, no?
  • The relaxation of some of the travelling restrictions, caused by the pox, has meant some adventures have taken place. Durham, Merseyside, Sheffield, Leeds, York have been invaded. Some of those trips will warrant a separate posting.
  • Main work has kept me occupied mostly over the past 14 weeks. Some colleagues have unfortunately been made redundant or have left for other jobs, so I now have a few more extra tasks and responsibilities for the time being. I doubt an increase in renumeration will be forthcoming.
  • I still haven't unpacked all the CDs/DVDs/books in the new place. A trip to Ikea for some storage solutions may be useful, so I can then rid the lounge of cardboard boxes.
  • The Grannywagon had an encounter with a rabbit on the A61. I don't know who came off worse, but I think both sides made a loss. I never found the bunny carcass, but I do have the bumper carcass. It's not going to easily pop back into place as the skin has managed to get wedged behing the structural rods, so I'll just leave it for now.

I've made some technical adjustments to this setup. I wanted to get into the Mastodon nonsense as the mainline alternatives are generally getting a bit boring and/or full of bickering and/or full of shit I'm not interested in. As a result, I'm now renting a VPS to play with. To keep things together, and also only pay one lot of hosting fees, I migrated the blog/bog/webshite over to the VPS from the previous hosting. I also got a nice domain name (, this page that you be looking at in fact) as I'm moving away from the 'endadeyes'/'end of days' joke moniker. I figured I'd jib off Wordpress as it was a bit inflexible, and loaded Ghost instead - hence the slightly more modern look. Shame the content is still crap.

Speaking of Mastodon, find that at