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Time for a nice, summer bever...ah.


The equinox has passed, it's all downhill now!

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When beep and flash Please take the meal


The house is tidied up. Everything has got a good dusting, a bloke came out to clean the carpets, and I've taken the trimmer to the hedge for a final time. It's polishing a turd to be honest, but I'll be blown if I'm letting them get away with any of the deposit when they haven't bothered to fix any of the issues that have been repeatedly raised over the past 24 months. Luckily, whilst sorting out some paperwork in the move, I came across a post inspection letter from the back end of 2020 where they stated that they were going to sort out the peeling wallpaper and "leak marks" (which was actually damp caused by the pointing being shot) but haven't which will provide some ammunition to the case.

Another Lancs/Yorks T20 cricket match, this time at Headingley. Another underwhelming result, but an entertaining evening anyhow.

222 (and the back end of the previous week because I didn't feel like reopening the entry)

The house is no more. I'd grown tired of the lack of forthcoming upkeep on various bits of the premises coupled with another rent increase. Whilst I could cope with that by itself if it was the only increase, factoring in the cost of utilities, fuel, and pretty much everything else and it starts me worrying about whether it's worth it. I'd been looking around but came across a flat at a nice price and got lucky with it. The resultant savings in rent and utility bills should provide some buffer for the forthcoming period of shit.

The move itself went generally without a hitch. I employed Doc Rob as an unwilling volunteer and Pastor Matt as a willing one, thus increasing the manpower available by 50% on the previous move. This was worthwhile move, as getting a washing machine up two flights of stairs was somewhat interesting. We managed it though, thanks chaps.

Somehow, I was able to fit this move in around a horrendous number of other activities which had been booked well in advan...

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Well, I'm back again from a prolonged period of slacking with a new look and URL to boot. I should be able to post my worthless opinion more often now.

Pelican with Neocities was getting a bit difficult to manage what with having to do everything through the Little Lenovo which I didn't always have on me. A bit of research lead me to Grav which provides the best of both worlds - flat file CMS with (relatively) static pages, whilst having a back end editor that can be accessed anywhere. Neocities wasn't able to handle this but a bit of digging around lead me to find some cheapy hosting through Freethought Internet, so I've resurrected the domain name properly now rather than it just being a redirect with a dubious HTTPS warning.


I managed to successfully execute a trip over the water, the first since the end of 2019. I had meant to also go in December but that attempt was aborted by the Irish Government flip-flopping between requiring and not requiring extra tests so I eventually couldn't be arsed trying.

I continued the theme of visiting some of the new distilleries with a visit to Pearse Lyons, which is located in a restored church with the copper pots and other equipment sited in the former altar. The tour included five tastings of whiskey products, along with a bonus gin, so I ended the day fairly merrily. I noted the locations of a couple of the other new distillers (Roe & Co., which is next door to Lyons; and The Liberties) which I'll probably book into next time I'm over there. I'm eyeing up one of the Bohs home fixtures or the UCD or Rovers away date in March, if I can grab a ticket before they sell out in seconds, so can work it into another mini trip.

The Wetherspoons in Blackrock has closed. The...

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I should probably give up the pretence of posting here weekly, since I have failed to do so for five months. I'll keep to an ad-hoc schedule instead, but I'll carry on with the funky number title thing for kicks.

Brief highlights of the past five months:

  • I went to Louth for political purposes.
  • I've made two lame efforts at parkrun. Unfortunately, I don't operate with much enthusiasm on Saturday mornings, so I haven't made further progress to date. It should have been three efforts, but one attempt was postponed because of bad weather.
  • I went to Portsmouth for work purposes. It was a pretty pointless affair, to be honest.
  • I got the rona, so I spent 10 days working from home instead of the 8 days working from home that I would have ordinarily done. On the plus side, I now have free reign of Europe until Easter Sunday. There's a couple of trips to Ireland already booked for before then.
  • I went to Blackpool for a bit of a social with some former colleagues.
  • I upped the gi...

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Technical difficulties/improvements

The Pinebook has died again, but fortunately I managed to make a backup of the webshite files before it conked out. I'll probably reflash the eMMC and then sell it on as it's not reliable enough for my use case.

I've taken the opportunity to install Python and Pelican on the little Lenovo so I can use that instead to deal with this page. I'll catch up with the previous two months happenings shortly, depending on how much I shit out it may be one big post or two little ones.

130-134 (or generally August)

August 2nd was apparently Social Media Detox Day. I celebrated this event by deleting my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I still have a very limited use for my little-updated Facebook account so that survives for the time being, but I'm still eyeing up the deletion menu.

The majority of the month that wasn't spent working was spent travelling around and spending money on hotels. I took the Grannywagon for a run up to the North to see some friends and former work colleagues. There was a somewhat boozy pub crawl of Preston which was quite enjoyable, with a few new micro-type pubs now in existance which got a visit. This was followed by a stop off in Southport where I didn't see the folks, as they're still being awkward about the pox.

I then took a run down South to re-visit Basildon. This time was for my first live gig in some time, being the initial live outing of Kunt and the Gang's punk outfit, The Kunts. That song was performed. The attempt at staying over demonstrated the...

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Finally back to bar service at the pub. I happened to be on the bar on the Monday it all restarted, so had to endure an evening of gawking idiots doing the whole "YERRR FRWEEDUM DAYY!!!!!1!" nonsense. Shit idea of freedom to be honest if there are a metric fucktonne of restrictions still in place.

The accumulation of cash came to some use this month as some bits were bought through necessity and some bits bought through want. I had to drop a couple of hundred on a pair of tyres for the Grannywagon after one of them developed a slow puncture. Subsequent inspection found another was worn past the stop block so they got changed. They also came with some free sunglasses for no real apparent reason - presumably for some free marketing where I can show off which particular brand of tyre I purchased. They can live in the glovebox for use on the rare occasions there is blindingly low sunlight when driving.

I also splashed out on a laptop. I'd been after a refurb/used X-series Thinkpad for...

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