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Hello you.

Dumb shit I learnt today

Oh no! Using electrical equipment costs money in the form of electricity charges!

Note - use reader mode or an ad blocker to look at that, or any, Reach publication website. They take the absolute piss with adverts and auto-play videos.

Or go here and look at it in a clean manner, which is what I should have linked to in the first place

Live Fast, Ignore Rules, Die Someday

Have a digital detox

Leave it off

Twitter experiences longest global outage in years

Was anything of value lost during that hour?

This is a real product

Can't get enough!

In terms of taste: it's okay. Not going to complain when it's £1.25 a tin.

De-evolution is real...


Yeah, here are the obligatory Devo tribute song, Mike Judge film and Kornbluth short story links, I suppose.


Time for a nice, summer bever...ah.


The equinox has passed, it's all downhill now!

Finest Quality Engrish

When beep and flash Please take the meal


The house is tidied up. Everything has got a good dusting, a bloke came out to clean the carpets, and I've taken the trimmer to the hedge for a final time. It's polishing a turd to be honest, but I'll be blown if I'm letting them get away with any of the deposit when they haven't bothered to fix any of the issues that have been repeatedly raised over the past 24 months. Luckily, whilst sorting out some paperwork in the move, I came across a post inspection letter from the back end of 2020 where they stated that they were going to sort out the peeling wallpaper and "leak marks" (which was actually damp caused by the pointing being shot) but haven't which will provide some ammunition to the case.

Another Lancs/Yorks T20 cricket match, this time at Headingley. Another underwhelming result, but an entertaining evening anyhow.

222 (and the back end of the previous week because I didn't feel like reopening the entry)

The house is no more. I'd grown tired of the lack of forthcoming upkeep on various bits of the premises coupled with another rent increase. Whilst I could cope with that by itself if it was the only increase, factoring in the cost of utilities, fuel, and pretty much everything else and it starts me worrying about whether it's worth it. I'd been looking around but came across a flat at a nice price and got lucky with it. The resultant savings in rent and utility bills should provide some buffer for the forthcoming period of shit.

The move itself went generally without a hitch. I employed Doc Rob as an unwilling volunteer and Pastor Matt as a willing one, thus increasing the manpower available by 50% on the previous move. This was worthwhile move, as getting a washing machine up two flights of stairs was somewhat interesting. We managed it though, thanks chaps.

Somehow, I was able to fit this move in around a horrendous number of other activities which had been booked well in advan...

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Well, I'm back again from a prolonged period of slacking with a new look and URL to boot. I should be able to post my worthless opinion more often now.

Pelican with Neocities was getting a bit difficult to manage what with having to do everything through the Little Lenovo which I didn't always have on me. A bit of research lead me to Grav which provides the best of both worlds - flat file CMS with (relatively) static pages, whilst having a back end editor that can be accessed anywhere. Neocities wasn't able to handle this but a bit of digging around lead me to find some cheapy hosting through Freethought Internet, so I've resurrected the domain name properly now rather than it just being a redirect with a dubious HTTPS warning.