Slightly miffed. Atkinson’s car park in Sheffield used to be dirt cheap on evenings and Sundays – only 50p per hour. A new tariff started this weekend and it’s now £1 per hour!

They’re still cheaper than most of the other car parks in the city centre, so I’ll probably continue to park there.

I’ve been to London more times than I care to imagine. The problem is I’ve done all the tourist stuff I want to see, so any visits I make have turned into “which suburb have I not been to yet?”. I’ve got a forthcoming visit to go to a gig, so need to kill time in the day. For no particular reasons, I’m considering one of these random locations to drop into:

  • Dagenham
  • Eltham
  • Penge

Other suggestions (to go to or to avoid) would be entertained, comment away!

Northern Trains’s Delay Repay portal where deleting a redundant entry from an address field doesn’t actually delete it!

I presume the lack of postal correspondence from them is a result of them thinking I now live at:
<New number and street name>
<Old street name>
<Old suburb>
<New post town>
<New postcode>

I’d have hoped number and postcode would have been sufficient for the post, but, never mind.

Made a relatively easy journey by rail yesterday (Chesterfield to Headingley). Let’s see how that went.

  • Itinerary 1: Chesterfield to Sheffield cancelled – broken overhead power lines.
  • Itinerary 2: Sheffield to Leeds cancelled – no train crew.
  • Itinerary 3: Leeds to Headingley cancelled – broken train.

Fairly well then, only arrived two and a half hours later than planned.

Looking at the webshite logs, it appears I’ve ended up on the l33t hax0rs brute-force attempt list. Multiple failed attempts to log in using a variety of user names. Not that they would have ever got in, seeing as I’ve deliberately used a long password and 2FA.

It’s clogging up my logs and using precious bandwidth anyway so some black magic is now in place which should stop that in future.