As usual, I’ve been rather slack in keeping up to date with events and happenings. I’ll try and remember what I’ve done since May.

The main change has been a change of employment, having gone from bus to train. Where I used to log various delays and cancellations, I can now be a cause of them. Also: better pay, benefits, conditions and such.

An earlier post was seeking suggestions for areas of outer London for pub based investigations. I managed two of those with calls at Penge and Eltham, plus Bromley and Stoke Newington as well.

This year’s Loony Party conference took place in Wales (specifically, let me check the spelling here, Llanwrtyd Wells). Beer options were a bit suspect and for the first time it rained during the cabinet reshuffle. Hopefully, that isn’t a bad omen. I was also roped in as an election agent in the Tamworth by-election. First count I’ve been to for a few years and completed relatively quickly too, as I was in bed by 3am.

Space idiot decided that not posting on Twitter was spamming, so that account got suspended. I got a Bluesky invite code around the same time though, so I have a new social network account to neglect instead. Mastodon continues to be my preferred waste of time, however a full range of options can be found in link-me-do corner.

That’s about everything of note, unless I remember something else later and add it into the small space above this paragraph. I’m off to the pub to celebrate one crap year ending and another beginning. Cheers/Sláinte/Iechyd da/Prost/As you are!

Reblog via deyes

Ordering Starbucks coffee on a delivery app is surely the height of laziness.

Dude, just walk 10 feet into the kitchen. There’s a kettle and coffee right there!

Slightly miffed. Atkinson’s car park in Sheffield used to be dirt cheap on evenings and Sundays – only 50p per hour. A new tariff started this weekend and it’s now £1 per hour!

They’re still cheaper than most of the other car parks in the city centre, so I’ll probably continue to park there.

I’ve been to London more times than I care to imagine. The problem is I’ve done all the tourist stuff I want to see, so any visits I make have turned into “which suburb have I not been to yet?”. I’ve got a forthcoming visit to go to a gig, so need to kill time in the day. For no particular reasons, I’m considering one of these random locations to drop into:

  • Dagenham
  • Eltham
  • Penge

Other suggestions (to go to or to avoid) would be entertained, comment away!

Northern Trains’s Delay Repay portal where deleting a redundant entry from an address field doesn’t actually delete it!

I presume the lack of postal correspondence from them is a result of them thinking I now live at:
<New number and street name>
<Old street name>
<Old suburb>
<New post town>
<New postcode>

I’d have hoped number and postcode would have been sufficient for the post, but, never mind.